Why Agile vs Waterfall Doesn’t Matter: The Three Degrees of Perfect Projects

Brilliant Post Agile cartoon by Sam Laing after a talk by Jim Benson. https://www.growingagile.co.za/2016/11/post-agile-stress-disorder-sgza/
Post Agile Stress Disorder by Samantha Laing

Poor Old Agile

What do we need?

The approach I’ve always tried to take with Agile is to sell it to developers as them being front and centre when it comes to running the project. This works for bullish devs who rate their ability and want to accomplish great things. For many who just see development as a paycheck there is no advantage or disadvantage to either method. What is more important is that everyone communicates better — rather than Agile vs Waterfall — build trust, communicate often, enjoy working together. Software projects shouldn’t be a grind so let’s work to not make them so.

Trust, communication and alignment.



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