Why Agile vs Waterfall Doesn’t Matter: The Three Degrees of Perfect Projects

Brilliant Post Agile cartoon by Sam Laing after a talk by Jim Benson. https://www.growingagile.co.za/2016/11/post-agile-stress-disorder-sgza/
Post Agile Stress Disorder by Samantha Laing

Poor Old Agile

Agile is certainly not a new way of working. It’s over 20 years old. The Agile Manifesto came about because frustrated developers, stakeholders and project managers said “we can do this better, we can work together better”. It was also a reaction to the perceived inefficiency of existing project management and software development methodologies. What we have 20 years later is exasperation from many stakeholders and product managers that they still can’t get what they needed built using Agile. Agile has spread to not only software development but how infrastructure, product discovery, and all sorts of other types of projects are implemented. The world that inspired Agile has moved on, but we’re still think it’s a good idea.

What do we need?

I’ve started to think recently that perhaps the fact that we think we need a methodology at all is actually over-complicating things.

Trust, communication and alignment.

The three sides of the perfect project management triangle.



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